Unwritten Authority - Index

Ten days ago, I set out to write a book in 10 days using ChatGPT’s help. Little did I know the book itself would quickly become secondary to the people who jumped in to support me in this quest.

What started as a joke turned out to be a life-changing moment for me and my career as a creator. I’m infinitely grateful to Richie, Quests, Dan, Eliot, LDF and countless others who stepped in to help me make this project as exhilarating as it was.

I sat down with LDF over the weekend to discuss the ins and outs of the projects, the stuff that I wouldn’t have shared otherwise, and the excitement I feel for what’s coming next.

In brief, Unwritten Authority isn’t done with the Quests challenge. I’ll be 100% taking the time to edit, polish and bring this whole book full circle in hopes of someday publishing something that resonates with people all over the world. And you were a crucial part of this journey.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your incredible support in powering through this challenge. The long nights and looming anxious thoughts were made a lot more bearable by knowing there was a select handful of people cheering me on.

So, without further ado. Here’s Unwritten Authority:

Chapter 1 - Finding Conviction in the Uncertainty

Chapter 2 - The Greatest and Wisest of all Centaurs

Chapter 3 - Redefining Success in the Creator Economy

Let me be clear with something. This isn’t the finished product yet. I’ll be setting out on another adventure (after a brief time of R&R to recover from the past week) to bring this book to its full potential.

The main purpose of this Quest has always been to see just how far I can push my abilities with the help of AI. But in doing so I realized that the human component is equally as crucial as the number of pages. It is now up to me to inject these essays with wit and sould in a way only I could do it. The bot has played its role, and it did so masterfully. I’ll take it from here.

With everything said and done, I am proud to log the last update on the AuthorGPT challenge in Quests. Let this story become an inspiration for the countless creators that follow.

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